Bermuda Insurance Management Association protects the interests of its members and their clients.

Welcome to Bermuda Insurance Management Association – BIMA.

About BIMA

Bermuda is the original home of the worldwide captive industry and continues to be the premier domicile of choice.


BIMA was established in 1977 and is an association of professional insurance managers and other captive service providers in Bermuda. It exists to protect the interests of its members and their clients. The clients under management – more than 1,200 insurance and reinsurance companies. Read More…

  • Why Form a Captive?

    • Reduce the Total Cost of Risk
    • Risk Management Reward & Focus
    • Direct Reinsurance Market Access
    • Additional Capacity
    • Flexibility in Program Design
    • “Uninsurable” Risk
    • Profit Centre
    • Information and Control
    • Many more!


  • Why Bermuda?

    • Largest captive domicile
    • Robust yet flexible regulatory environment
    • 3rd largest insurance centre worldwide
    • Blue chip offshore financial centre
    • One stop shop – access to insurance and reinsurance markets
    • Professional infrastructure
    • Legal System
    • Quality of workplace and Key geographical location
    • Tax neutrality and Tax Exchange Agreements